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Create Charge


Creates a new Charge / Payment Request in the Bitcoin Lightning Network, payable by any Lightning Network wallet.

These payment requests are single-use, fixed-amount QR codes. If you're looking for multi-use and multi-amount payment requests you want Static Charges.


This API is used for receiving funds into your Project Wallet. The primary idea is to create one of these Charges anytime someone wishes to perform a payment TO you.

On a successful 200 HTTP response from the ZEBEDEE API, you should render the contents of data.invoice.uri in a QR code. This QR code can be scanned (and is understood) by any Bitcoin Lightning Network wallet.


Header Parameters
  • apikey string required

    ZEBEDEE Project API Key

Request Body
  • amount string required

    The amount for the Charge -> in millisatoshis

  • description string required

    Note or comment for this Charge (visible to payer)

  • expiresIn number

    Time until Charge expiration -> in seconds

  • callbackUrl string

    The endpoint ZEBEDEE will POST Charge updates to

  • internalId string

    Open metadata string property


HTTP 200 - POST - /v0/charges
"success": true,
"message": "Successfully created Charge.",
"data": {
"unit": "msats",
"amount": "10000",
"confirmedAt": null,
"status": "pending",
"description": "My Charge Description",
"createdAt": "2020-05-09T15:09:05.765Z",
"expiresAt": "2020-05-09T15:14:05.618Z",
"id": "1907b0fe-789b-4e25-b18a-0c4c0f5cced7",
"internalId": "11af01d092444a317cb33faa6b8304b8",
"callbackUrl": "",
"invoice": {
"request": "lnbc100n1p0td3u3pp5z2ed9yjfrz0rgu0fzuc5cdwfu8dtjlgrfztz5uga8hakkjy2yzgsdpzf4ujqsmgv9exwefqg3jhxcmjd9c8g6t0dccqzpgxqzfvsp5q8z5mkghmuzrnusxdwtmls7x8vuy63j25rt4z55gj3s7340dv72q9qy9qsqz02rlmlzcvew3vk90c6l0369ewk7tkr2tx0yrk3qa235v07w6d3qeksk99wm7y8f8ug7zqy6yjudu4cs2f4umpey43cw7msyj7uqj2qq8x03te",
"uri": "lightning:lnbc100n1p0td3u3pp5z2ed9yjfrz0rgu0fzuc5cdwfu8dtjlgrfztz5uga8hakkjy2yzgsdpzf4ujqsmgv9exwefqg3jhxcmjd9c8g6t0dccqzpgxqzfvsp5q8z5mkghmuzrnusxdwtmls7x8vuy63j25rt4z55gj3s7340dv72q9qy9qsqz02rlmlzcvew3vk90c6l0369ewk7tkr2tx0yrk3qa235v07w6d3qeksk99wm7y8f8ug7zqy6yjudu4cs2f4umpey43cw7msyj7uqj2qq8x03te"