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Send Payment to ZBD Gamertag


This API endpoint is used to send Bitcoin payments directly to a user's ZBD Gamertag.


Unlike other payout endpoints in the ZEBEDEE API, sending payments to ZBD Gamertags is a synchronous action -> this is why there is no callbackUrl property. The payment either succeeds or fails on the spot.


Header Parameters
  • apikey string required

    ZEBEDEE Project API Key

Request Body
  • amount string required

    The amount for the Payment -> in millisatoshis

  • gamertag string required

    Destination ZBD Gamertag

  • description string

    Note or comment for this Payment (visible to recipient)


HTTP 200 - POST - /v0/gamertag/send-payment
"success": true,
"data": {
"receiverId": "ec9b38d5-b126-4307-9d1e-8aa0dfab5d7e",
"transactionId": "78fb6474-d791-47a1-bda1-a4b9023898c0",
"amount": "1000",
"comment": "Sent to ZBD Gamertag"
"message": "Payment done."