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Send Lightning Address Payment


Send Bitcoin payments directly to a Lightning Address.

A Lightning Address is an internet identifier (akin to an email address -- that anyone can send Bitcoin Lightning Network payments to. Leverage this API to programmatically perform these payments.

To learn more about Lightning Address, check out our Glossary or


As the creator of the Lightning Address open source standard, we believe this API to be the single most frictionless way of using Bitcoin today.

To learn about the many ways in which a Lightning Address could make sense for your application, game, or platform, check out this in-depth guide on Lightning Addresses.


Header Parameters
  • apikey string required

    ZEBEDEE Project API Key

Request Body
  • lnAddress string required

    The Lightning Address of the intended recipient

  • amount string required

    The amount for the Payment -> in millisatoshis

  • comment string

    Note or description of this Payment

  • internalId string

    Open metadata string property

  • callbackUrl string

    The endpoint ZEBEDEE will POST Charge updates to


HTTP 200 - POST - /v0/ln-address/send-payment
"success": true,
"data": {
"id": "db3e9e98-82c6-4ad5-acb8-900212d352aa",
"fee": "0",
"unit": "msats",
"amount": "10000",
"invoice": "lnbc100n1p3mtx6gpp5qpc7qvapr475jjazwkves7t7qdyq5njym52z5r6mg0a9d79w783shp5xt5ts9t74akf67j59ynkr5qz8x3hs4g09d3dttmjrwwdhrxgc03qcqzpgxqzfvsp59uasmyhqwfuek2dwyfla6dn7la5wxkwzmlvvhcuptxdxsxs8d24q9qyyssqslvgpll5cwtcmhr0ch607gg463xc3s2g7mfww2dr3l0f29czt7eq03rylyg5g09qz0w97qv87mmmcyj0ytfahhzc6y79je5vsf67tgcp8248ez",
"preimage": null,
"walletId": "2e686eed-82c6-4722-95bd-de1b23f27d44",
"transactionId": "2924bf31-96ba-4d26-80df-9e35c09a59cf",
"callbackUrl": "",
"internalId": "uniqueIdFromYourSystem",
"comment": "Sending to a Lightning Address",
"processedAt": "2023-01-04T15:29:12.577Z",
"createdAt": "2023-01-04T15:29:12.514Z",
"status": "completed"
"message": "Payment done."