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Send Payment


Pays a Charge / Payment Request in the Bitcoin Lightning Network. This is one of the main APIs which allow you to pay any Lightning Network request.


The words Charge, Payment Request, and Invoice can be seen as equivalent in the context of requesting funds in Lightning Network.


All payments in the Lightning Network are asynchronous. This means that, though possible, most payments will not settle immediately on the API invocation. They do tend to settle immediately thereafter, which means you need to provide the callbackUrl to receive updates.

If the Charge / Payment Request is an amountless invoice (technical term for a Charge that does not specify an amount and lets the payer define an amount), you can pass the amount property with a defined value.


Header Parameters
  • apikey string

    ZEBEDEE Project API Key

Request Body
  • invoice string required

    Lightning Network Payment Request / Charge

  • description string

    Note or comment for this Payment

  • amount string

    Amount to be paid to this Charge/Invoice -> in millisatoshis (only valid if Amountless Invoice)

  • internalId string

    Open metadata string property

  • callbackUrl string

    The endpoint ZEBEDEE will POST Payment updates to


HTTP 200 - POST - /v0/payments
"success": true,
"message": "Payment done.",
"data": {
"id": "caafd318-527c-466b-81f2-441d3a092aae",
"fee": "2000",
"unit": "msats",
"amount": "101000",
"invoice": "lnbc1010n1p3mt8akpp5uyxhllflux2fvl36wjxh80wtqzdh2vjmu8cdyzuap578az80v74qdqcd3hzucmpwd5zqurp09kk2mn5cqzpgxqzjhsp550s770zy4puj76wqnua0hmym883gr07dhuast5ygcm44grl6z7ns9qyyssqgf7sumdmxwzgkq2m0h9lcv530sqs0m4t4shlu98djrrckrtulcmr8rear70dyftdm67jvgncxgz4jmd6ksx87jvnj88e39un48ssk4gp8vs4u5",
"preimage": "8a14f6da89d4a8ffd09677f585b7c377de72744b7c3713d3c115fa71ca4fc290",
"internalId": "11af01d092444a317cb33faa6b8304b8",
"status": "completed"
"processedAt": "2023-01-04T15:48:29.805Z",
"confirmedAt": "2023-01-04T15:48:29.805Z",
"description": "Custom Payment Description",