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[SANDBOX] Send Payment to ZBD Gamertag


This API endpoint is to be used with the ZEBEDEE Sandbox API. To use this API you must first create a Project in the ZEBEDEE Developer Dashboard and then generate a Sandbox API Key.

Sandbox keys only work with the Sandbox API. Live keys only work with the Live API.


This API endpoint is used to send fake Sandbox Bitcoin payments directly to a user's ZBD Gamertag.


The idea behind this API endpoint is to allow developers integrating ZBD Gamertag capabilities to test their integrations before going Live.


Header Parameters
  • apikey string required

    ZEBEDEE Project API Key

Request Body
  • amount string required

    The amount for the Payment -> in millisatoshis

  • gamertag string required

    Destination SANDBOX ZBD Gamertag

  • description string

    Note or comment for this Payment (visible to recipient)

"success": true,
"data": {
"id": "4a67ea26-00b7-4310-82bd-2c5d1490cc2a",
"status": "settled",
"transactionId": "4be87b3a-bf40-45fa-9624-1aa5cb6d61c5",
"receiverId": "14db5692-133a-42ba-a58d-abbcae282185",
"amount": "1000",
"comment": "Sending to Gamertag",
"settledAt": "2023-04-13T15:38:54.595Z"
"message": "Payment done.",