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Create Static Charge


Static Charges are static Payment Requests in the Bitcoin Lightning Network. Whereas Charges create fixed-amount and single-use Payment Requests that expire, Static Charges provide you a lot more flexibility & capabilities, including:

  • Variable Amounts -> Static Charges have both minAmount and maxAmount properties, allowing for variable amounts set by the payer.
  • Multi-use -> By default Static Charges have no expiration time, making them usable for any N payers/payments.
  • Success Message -> When a payer completes the payment flow for this Static Charge, a Success Message is displayed to them.
  • Slots -> Static Charges can also have the notion of allowedSlots. This means only N payments will be accepted at this Static Charge before disabling them.

Static Charges also have the same core properties of Charges such as internalId and callbackUrl.


Use this API endpoint to create advanced Payment Requests on the Bitcoin Lightning Network. Enjoy static QR codes that can accept any number of payments, for various amounts, with additional metadata in the payment flow.


You can create a multi-use Static Charge with a fixed amount too, simply by setting minAmount and maxAmount to the same amount.

To understand more use cases for Static Charges, check our in-depth guide.


Header Parameters
  • apikey string required

    ZEBEDEE Project API Key

Request Body
  • minAmount string required

    Minimum allowed amount for the Static Charge -> in millisatoshis

  • maxAmount string required

    Maximum allowed amount for the Static Charge -> in millisatoshis

  • description string required

    Note or comment for this Static Charge (visible to payer)

  • successMessage string

    Message displayed to the payer AFTER payment settles

  • allowedSlots nullable

    Number of payments this Static Charge can accept

  • internalId string

    Open metadata string property

  • callbackUrl string

    The endpoint ZEBEDEE will POST Charge updates to


HTTP 200 - POST - /v0/static-charges
"message":"Successfully created Static Charge.",
"description":"Static Charge API Ref",
"successMessage":"Congratulations your payment was successful!",