The Charge

The Charge Object

The ZEBEDEE Charge consists of the following attributes:

idStringThe Charge's unique indentifier.
descriptionStringThe description of the Charge. This description is also the description used for the Lightning invoice associated with the Charge.
invoiceDescriptionHashStringThe description hash of the Lightning Network invoice that is attached to this Charge. As it is followed by the BOLT11 specification, you may use either description or invoiceDescriptionHash, but never both.
createdAtStringThe timestamp of when the Charge was created.
callbackUrlStringA URL that ZEBEDEE's services will make a POST HTTP request to with information about the Charge's status update.
internalIdStringAn optional free-use attribute. Usually used by setting the Player/User ID of your Game/Application in order to link specific Charges to specific Players.
amountStringThe total amount for the Charge.
unitStringThe unit of account for the Charge's amount. ZEBEDEE's API is based on millisatoshi (msats) amounts.
statusStringThe current status of the Charge.
invoice.expiresAtStringThe timestamp for when this Charge (and Lightning invoice) will expire.
invoice.requestStringThe Lightning invoice (BOLT11).

To learn how to create a Charge to receive payments check our Guide.


Expired Charges and/or Lightning invoices cannot be paid for. For a succesful transaction to occur, payment MUST happen before the timestamp established by invoice.expiresAt.