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Integration Paths


If you're just now getting started with the ZBD API, we recommend you check out our in-depth exploration of UI/UX paths to best integrate money into your game.

Getting Started with ZEBEDEE has everything a developer needs to get started with the ZEBEDEE platform and the ZBD API -- from UX explorations, to detailed user flow breakdowns, to all necessary media assets -- it's really all there.


👉 Overview

The ZEBEDEE Platform is a high-throughput payment processor built natively on Bitcoin. ZEBEDEE empowers Bitcoin-enabled digital economy engines to thrive inside digital experiences.

With ZEBEDEE, you can actually bring money into the fabric of your game or online experience and allow for meaningful economic interaction to occur — from game to gamer, from gamer to game, or even gamer to gamer.

The ZBD API is an easy-to-integrate set of HTTP endpoints that provide game developers the ability to send and receive Bitcoin instantaneously to and from gamers. This document aims to be an in-depth introduction to the ZBD API, to be a central place for resources and guidance on your path to integrating ZEBEDEE.

🏆 Integration Paths

At its core, the ZEBEDEE Platform is a set of API endpoints powered by an API key that grants spending and charging capabilities to games and applications. While all of the ZBD API endpoints and features can be used in unison, there are main integration paths that are commonplace.

There are primarily 3 paths to integration with the ZBD APIs that we’ve seen game developers and application developers take. Below is a general overview of these 3 paths including game UX exploration of how these work in practice.

🤳 Charges and Withdrawal Request QR Codes

This path makes use of the /charges and /withdrawal-requests endpoints of the ZBD API to create and send Bitcoin Lightning Network payments and payment requests. This flow is commonly known as the QR-scanning flow — each Charge or Withdrawal Request is a single-use QR code that can be scanned by a user or gamer by any Bitcoin Lightning wallet, including the ZEBEDEE App.


  • Interoperability
    • QR codes are compatible with any wallet application that understands the Bitcoin Lightning Network
  • Requests / Payouts
    • Allows for requesting payments from users (Charges), and sending rewards or payouts to users (Withdrawal Requests)


  • Friction friction friction
    • QR codes usually require being scanned by another camera device
    • Handling Charges and Withdrawal Requests means users have to switch context and open their wallet app for each transaction
  • Transaction fee schedule is variable
    • ZBD charges 1% on API-based transactions, as well as the network fee for the Bitcoin Lightning Network to process the payment

📮 Lightning Address

A Lightning Address is an email-like address (e.g. that can receive Bitcoin Lightning payments. The same way you can send emails to, you can send Bitcoin Lightning payments to

In this case, Gmail is an Email Service Provider, and ZEBEDEE is a Bitcoin Lightning Service Provider.

Through the /ln-address/send-payment ZBD API endpoint one can send Bitcoin Lightning payments or rewards to any user, from any Bitcoin Lightning provider.


  • Great UX improvement
    • User-rewarding transactions can happen and settle entirely behind the scenes, allowing the user to remain active on the experience.
  • No QR codes
    • Through the user of Lightning Addresses one does not need to rely on scannable/clickable QR codes for performing transactions.


  • Lightning Addresses aren’t available in all Bitcoin Lightning wallets at the moment.
  • Only payouts available
    • A Lightning Address behaves similarly to an email address, one can only send transactions TO that address, so this integration path only allows for rewarding / payout flows.

🏆 ZBD Gamertag

Every gamer in the ZEBEDEE universe has a ZBD Gamertag. Think of it as the user’s identifiable username that exists across all ZEBEDEE-powered games, products, and digital experiences. Through the use of the /gamertag/send-payment API endpoint, a game developer is able to send reward transactions directly to a gamer, entirely programmatically, with transaction amount as low as 1 satoshi (currently ~$0.0004). The gamer remains within the games interface, even though payments can be made behind the scenes.


  • Best-in-class UX for gamers
    • The user remains within the game interface while still being able to receive game rewards
    • One-click pairing (or simply entering a ZBD Gamertag ingame)
  • Instant settlement
    • ZBD Gamertag APIs can provide settlement assurances within milliseconds of transaction initiation through API keys.
  • Standard fee structure
    • Unlike other methods, the ZBD Gamertag model allows for predefined fee schedules.
    • Always 1% or 1 satoshi.
  • Compliance
    • Easiest path to maintaining your game or application compliant by checking user ID level verification.


  • Users are required to have the ZEBEDEE App installed to receive transactions (and claim a ZBD Gamertag)
    • To interact with Bitcoin Lightning gamers already have to have a wallet application, and you'd likely already need to recommend one, like the ZEBEDEE App.