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Quick Start


ZEBEDEE offers a robust RESTful API allowing for the integration of Bitcoin Lightning nanotransactions into Games and Applications. The ZBD API aims to provide developers an easy path to integrating Bitcoin by abstracting all of the complexities of the underlying system, and by providing development tools such as SDKs and web clients.

The API exposes a RESTful interface with endpoints that return JSON responses. Partners integrating with ZBD API get access to the ZEBEDEE Developer Dashboard where they can manage their Games and retrieve unique API Keys for authenticating the API.

How to Get Started

As a developer, you can interface with the ZEBEDEE API using HTTP methods directly, or through one of the supported Software Development Kits (SDK). In order to use the API you will need an authentication API Key, which you can retrieve from the ZEBEDEE Developer Dashboard.

Follow the detailed documentation guides and tutorials on the sidebar to understand the many parts of the ZBD API, and how to best use it to suit your own needs.

To get started, let's understand more about the Bitcoin Lightning Network.