Webhook Events

ZEBEDEE relies on a series of Webhook events to notify your Game or Application about changes and/or updates to the status of any Charges, Payments and Withdrawal Requests.

The proper way to subscribe to a Charge, Withdrawal Request, or Payment is to provide a URL in the callbackUrl attribute for those Entities. Make sure that URL is reachable from the internet and accepts POST HTTP requests -- ZEBEDEE will take care of the rest.

Entity Status

All Charges, Payments and Withdrawal Requests inside of the ZEBEDEE platform include a status property. This property is used by developers to undertand the exact state of the Entity at the current time, and can take the following options:

pendingThe Charge/Withdrawal Request/Payment is being processed, pending exact finality details.
expiredThe Charge/Withdrawal Request/Payment has expired and is no longer valid for processing.
errorThere was an issue/error processing the Charge/Withdrawal Request/Payment. This can be the case when the Charge/Withdrawal Request/Payment processes but cannot reach the destination recipient.
completedThe Charge/Withdrawal Request/Payment has suceeded.