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Overview of ZEBEDEE API


The ZEBEDEE API offers a robust RESTful API allowing for the quick integration of Bitcoin Lightning Network nanotransactions into any digital experience (e.g. apps, games, social platforms). ZEBEDEE API empowers apps and platforms with the ability to send and receive Bitcoin nearly instantaneously at practically zero-cost.

Our API aims to provide developers an easy path to integrating Bitcoin by abstracting any and all of the complexities of the underlying system (think: no blockchains, no liquidity management, no infrastructure concerns -> just an API away).

The ZEBEDEE API exposes a REST interface with endpoints that return JSON responses. Partners integrating with ZEBEDEE API get access to the ZEBEDEE Developer Dashboard where they can manage their Projects and retrieve unique API Keys for authenticating the API.

API Reference

All ZEBEDEE API endpoints are documented on the API Reference. This reference guide is a detailed technical document explaining each of the endpoints available in the ZEBEDEE API.


The API Reference also boasts a right-sidebar API Module which allows you to interact with the ZEBEDEE API directly from the browser with the click of a button.