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Dev Tools & Resources

Utility APIs

When integrating ZEBEDEE API for payments capabilities in your system, it's important to have utility data points / functionalities available.

We've made a set of these Utility APIs available in the API Reference:

External Resources

While the ZEBEDEE API abstracts away all of the complexity around the Bitcoin and Lightning Network protocols, it is important to have handy a list of tools, websites, and resources for those wanting to learn more or dive deeper.

This is not an exhaustive list, simply an opinionated set of toolkit and resources that we find useful for partner developers:

Lightning Decoder

This tool will decode all kinds of Bitcoin Lightning Network QR codes, including Charges, Withdrawal Requests and Lightning Addresses, and then displays the decoded information in an easy to understand manner.

Lightning Address

Home of the Lightning Address protocol (protol for internet identifier for Lightning payments - Like an email address, but for your Bitcoin.

LNURL Documents

Code repository hosting all of the open-source LNURL protocol specifications.

Visual overview of the BOLT11 payment request specification. If you're trying to understand more about how a Lightning invoice works, this is your place.